Due to the epic rivalry between the two legendary bands The Beatles and Rolling Stones, it is mostly assumed that there is nothing in common between the two bands. Yet in an article by Eric Schaal, a surprising fact was revealed, there are actually two songs recorded by both The Beatles and Rolling Stones.

In the 1960s rock n’ roll was the most talked genre and people from all over the world were choosing sides and picking their favorite between The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. The rivalry between the two legendary bands was not just amongst the fans there also has been an ongoing feud between the members throughout the years.

Though the two iconic bands never admitted that they were in competition with each other, it was hard to miss the clear attempts to outperform one another on the charts week by week alongside their accusations of imitation to each other on the interviews.

While fans loved defining themselves by their loyalty to either The Rolling Stones or The Beatles, some wanted to see collaboration or friendship between them. Although fans never got what they wanted, there is actually a link between the two legendary bands. They both once covered and recorded the two same songs.

The first one is a Barret Strong song named Money That’s What I Want which The Beatles recorded a version for the group’s second U.K. album. Rolling Stones also recorded the same song for their debut EP.

The second song they have in common is I Wanna Be Your Man when Stones’ manager Andrew Loog Oldham wanted to know if Lennon and McCartney had a track for his band to record. The song was a huge success and The Stones scored a No. 12 U.K. hit with I Wanna Be Your Man.

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