The sound engineer of British rock band The Rolling Stones, Eddie Kramer, spoke in the recent interview with Gibson and revealed how it felt like to work with the band like Stones.

In the conversation, Eddie said that he was so nervous in the first place, but that feeling went away in a short period. Also, Eddie stated that they were human beings at the end, even though they were superstars except for the guitarist of the band.

Eddie praised the skill of Keith Richards by saying that he is from another planet and paid his tribute to the legends. He stated that Keith will outlive us and explained it by sharing some stories.

Interviewer asked:

“When you got involved with The Stones, did you feel like, ‘Wow, I’ve been knighted, this is a fantastic honor,’ or is it just, ‘Here, this is the job I do and some of the acts I work with are successful’? There must be an aura when these guys walk in the room, even early on.”

Eddie Kramer replied:

“Obviously, the first time you’re a tiny bit nervous going in there but, you know, you’ve got a job to do, but when they walk in the room, it’s like – it’s Keith walking out and Mick walking in, and Charlie.

“Your mind is focusing on, ‘Where do I place the mics? Don’t screw that up, blah-blah.’ They’re just human beings, you know? They may be rock stars, but they’re human beings.”

Interviewer said:

“Not sure about Keith…”

Eddie Kramer responded:

“He is from another planet. He’s going to outlive us, god bless him, but there was an interesting dynamic, talking about the personalities and the women who were there.

At the time, I had a Swedish girlfriend, and she was friendly with Keith’s girlfriend, and that was very interesting, and I think even Bill Wyman had a Swedish girl.

I think there was Bill and Keith had Swedish girlfriends, and my girlfriend Anita, they used to hang out together, and I remember the three of them walking to the control room one day, that was like, ‘Whoa, three beautiful Swedish girls,’ I mean, come on.”

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