The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ wife Patti Hansen has posted some photos and videos from her New York City trip and wrote a very sweet message for the fans.

In the comment section of the post, a fan named Lisa has shared her mom’s tragic story and mentioned how she died from Parkinson’s disease.

Patti shared the pain of that person and wrote a simple message about the death of the fans’ mother. You can read the conversation and story below.

Here’s what Patti wrote as the caption:

“One of those great NYC days❤️ thanks Teddy, waiting for your show on Sirius ch 28 tonight 😘”

Lisa commented:

“Awwwww That’s sweet. My mom died. She had Parkinson’s and COPD even though she quit smoking years ago had nodules so they went in and took it out. She was never the same after that✌️✊👅❤️🔥🌹”

Patti responded:

“Very sorry”

Netflix author Sandy Linter commented with her verified Instagram account and said:

“Looks so warm! I spent the last couple of days zero degrees in Minnesota!”

You can see the Instagram post below.