The Rolling Stones legend, Keith Richards has shared some special photos on his Instagram page and sent his condolences to his old-time friend, Peter Lindbergh.

Unfortunately, the famous photographer has died at the age of 74. Keith has remembered his special moments with Peter and penned an emotional message.

You can read the caption below.

“With great respect for a brilliant photographer! RIP, Peter Lindbergh! KR Photo (c)Peter Lindbergh @therealpeterlindbergh #peterlindbergh.”

A fan named briarandfauve wrote this comment:

“I think it’s wonderful you only wear a few key pieces of jewelry- your simple wedding band among them. These photos capture this authenticity perfectly.”

Another fan named johnpischedda said that:

“Hopefully all the cats we’ve lost are waiting for us when it’s our turn!”

You can see all these photos below.