On Instagram, The Rolling Stones icon Keith Richards‘ daughter and activist Alexandra Richards posted a photo on her birthday and shared the biggest purpose of her life, which is making the world a better place.

Keith Richards has two lovely daughters, Theodora and Alexandra, from his ongoing marriage with model and actress Patti Hansen. Both of the daughters also became successful models like their mother.

Alexandra Richards, who defines herself as an activist, has been showing her concern on environmental issues. She also participated in the initiative named ‘Turn the Tide’ by Project Zero to protect the sustainability of the oceans.

Recently on Instagram, Alexandra Richards posted a photo of herself in honor of her 34th birthday. She thanked everyone for their lovely birthday wishes and mentioned how grateful she was for being surrounded by her loved ones.

Alexandra also revealed her biggest goal for humankind, which was being able to make a difference in the world to make it a better place. Also, Alexandra mentioned that she’s so proud of growing into who she is right now, and she is looking forward to learning more about both the world and herself.

Here’s what Alexandra Richards stated on the caption of her post:

Thank you for the sweetest birthday wishes today. This year has been a roller coaster, to say the least but it has taught me so much. I am grateful for another year of wisdom, my health, my husband, my friends, and family who been such a force in my life.

I’m grateful for another year of growing into a woman I am proud of. I look forward to learning more not just about myself but about the world we live in today and hope I can make a difference into making it a better place. Cheers to 34 and to many more.”

You can see the photo Alexandra Richards posted on her Instagram account below.