The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards’ daughter and famous model, activist and musician, Alexandra Richards, took to her official Instagram account to share an astonishing photo of herself.

As you can see in the picture below, Alexandra used the ‘Turn The Tide’ hashtag to take attention to the two unique ocean sanctuaries in Srilanka and Menorca, and how we can protect the nature. In this way, she showed how people can help to climatic change and the speeches who are facing the extinguish.

In the picture, Alexandra was standing in front of the brick wall and taking a selfie while making a ‘peace’ sign with her hand. She was wearing a black top that suits her body pretty well and looking gorgeous even with simple makeup on her face.

Here is what Alexandra Richards wrote:

“Only a few days left to back Project Zero on Kickstarter to secure protection for two stunning ocean sanctuaries in Sri Lanka and Menorca! Back Project Zero and get your own unique ocean coordinate as a reward.

Like adopting a star, but right here on this planet and more ocean protection means we’re able to put the brakes on the climate crisis. Head to Kickstarter via the link in my bio before August 14 to adopt your own unique piece of our beautiful ocean.

You can even get it etched into a limited edition Ocean Bottle. Together we can turn the tide on the climate crisis”

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Photo Credit: Alexandra Richards – Instagram