In a conversation with Raised on Radio, The Rolling Stones‘ iconic guitarist Keith Richards talked about how he had spent the lockdown days and clarified the future plans for his music career.

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, many musicians and bands had to postpone or cancel their shows and tours around the world. Most of them have been sharing the moments of their daily life on social media platforms or joining interviews in order to be in touch with the fans during the self-quarantine days.

As you may recall, before the coronavirus pandemic, The Rolling Stones was on the ‘No Filter Tour.‘ Their tour began in 2017 and it was due to conclude in 2020. However, the band previously announced that they had to postpone the North American dates for a future date.

Recently, the legendary guitarist of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards joined an interview with Raised on Radio and answered questions about his self-quarantine days at home.

Richards mentioned how challenging it had been for him to be away from his bandmates and not being able to jam with other musicians except for the one time he was joined by Steve Jordan to jam a little. According to Keith, these lockdown days were actually the longest time he had done anything.

Here’s how Keith Richards described his self-quarantine days:

“I had a session, funny to speak of this, just about a week ago, a couple of days, with Steve Jordan. We worked together a lot, we managed for the first time in – I don’t know – eight months to, ‘Come on, let’s try one out in the city, and going through all the rigmarole and everything.’ We managed a little bit of thunder for a couple of days.

It’s the longest time I’ve ever done anything.”

Furthermore, Richards clarified his thoughts on the future of The Rolling Stones’ music and revealed he was actually sure that soon they would be back on the road to rock the stage by stating:

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’ve told all the boys to keep jogging. And it’s just a matter of when. Would it be like next year? It like with everybody else, we’re in a bit of a conundrum, and the first opportunity we’ll be back.

First off, we missed this year’s tour and we The Stones have never missed a gig. So we feel obliged to fill in these gigs that were booked this year and we couldn’t do them. So, as soon as possible.”

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