As much as being a perfect musician, The Rolling Stones’ legendary guitarist Ronnie Wood is also one of the most talented painters of the modern era.

Today, he posted a couple of recent photos on his official Instagram account and announced that his latest paint exhibition has been started in Ashridge House, which is a royal residence to King Henry VIII and Elizabeth I for years.

While announcing his latest exhibition on Instagram, Ronnie also stated that the whole benefits of the exhibition will be donated to National Health Service and fans have the opportunity to buy the pieces of The Show with the signature of Ronnie.

Here is the caption of the photos:

“Ronnie’s newest exhibition launched at Ashridge House yesterday, featuring almost twenty new artworks and with all ticket proceeds being donated to the NHS.

New piece The Show is now available for pre-order as a signed and personalized art print – click the link in bio to find out more.”

Here is the official statement of The Show:

“To be inspired by the paintings of El Greco is a wonderful drive to uplift your spirit. In his day, the awe surrounding tales of the holy spirits and their manifestations took forms of mystery and came in multitudes of visual interpretations.

To add the spirit of live music and gathering excitement of a brand new happening, tour or in-person spectacle only makes the painting medium a wider vehicle for the musical experience to take shape.”

You can see the post below and click here to buy The Show.