The legendary musician of the iconic band The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards had a new interview with Paul Trynka of Guitar.Com and revealed one of the biggest dreams of his life.

Keith Richards stated that when he was younger, all he wanted to do was play like Chuck Berry.

Keith also admitted that if he makes it to heaven, he would want to play with Muddy Waters.

Here is what Keith said:

“We just wanted to be a blues band – and in 1962, blues was not a way to stardom. It was aimed at giving people a kick in the teeth and waving our blues flags – then suddenly you’re a pop star. When I started, all I wanted to do was play like Chuck [Berry].

I thought if I could do that, I’d be the happiest man in the world. Then, when I found out I could do it, I thought, well maybe there is another aim in life. But when I started I’d dream of playing with Muddy Waters, but the only way I’d imagine it happening would be ‘if I make it to heaven – and he makes it there – then we can play together’.”

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