The former son-in-law of The Rolling Stones’ Keith Richards has tragically died after being hit by a train on the railway track of Chichester station.

The ex-son-in-law of Richards, Dominic Jennings passed away in a train crash two days after he was arrested for the accusations that he tried to look up girls’ skirts in a park. According to the witnesses, Jennings watched the children in the park for half an hour and then tried to look up little girls’ skirts and trying to coax them away from their parents.

Jennings, who was a carpenter and the ex-husband of Dandelion Angela Richards, died at the age of 45 on the incident that occurred at 7 am on Wednesday. Jennings’ friends and family were devastated by the news. His former wife Angela, whom he had been separated for over 10 years, also expressed her sorrows and made an explanation after his death.

Angela Richards said on Facebook:

“Been laying awake for hours reflecting on the last 48 hours. I will not be hypocritical as my friends and family know that Dominic and myself have been separated for over 10 years and not on pleasant terms but my heart breaks for one of my closest friends Koo Violet and for my goddaughter Chay.

We have been friends for years and we have always supported each other through everything and she has always stuck by me. Dominic was a son, brother and an uncle. My condolences go out to his family and friends.”

She continued:

“I wasn’t going to comment but unfortunately he has been on a downward slope for the last 15 years. I know his family have desperately tried to help but he hasn’t accepted it. It’s a shame it has come to this all over social media but he is not the man you all once knew. I must add I meant for his drink and drug problems.”

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