The Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards was the recent interview guest of Rolling Stone and he revealed the most challenging Rolling Stones song to play: “Gimme Shelter.”

Keith also shared an interesting detail: He said that he is still working on improving ‘Satisfaction’ riff.

Here is what he said about that iconic song:

It’s the riff of all time. Despite playing it consistently since 1965, I’ haven’t tired of it.

I’m still finding how to tighten it up. [Bassist] Darryl [Jones] and I are working on the rhythm end lately — slightly different ideas to make it snappier and better.”

Keith also revealed his ideas about Gimme Shelter:

“Once you get into it, [it’s fine], but I’m never sure if I’m the right volume. I’m always a bit anxious about.

That beginning is so eerie, sometimes in a stadium, you start to hear echoes.”

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