Alexandra Richards, who is the daughter of The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, has shared an attractive photo on her Instagram account.

As you can see in the photo, Alexandra flaunted her DJ skills and showed off her cleavage in a hilarious black dress.

Here is what Alexandra said:

“Wicked night! Congratulations to all the nominees. Thanks for having me spin last nights Golden Globes party and a big squeeze to this beautiful dream team of style”

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In December 2019, Alexandra has shared throwback photos with her father Keith Richards. She celebrated her parents’ anniversaries and also the birthday of Keith Richards.

Here is what Alexandra said to her parents:

“Never a dull moment Pa! Me love you so and so!”

Alexandra added:

“Happy Birthday and Anniversary! @pattihansen @officialkeef so happy to celebrate you both this evening! Xoxo LOVE YOU!”

Her mother, Patti Hansen wrote:

“Lol, mow that lawn”

Keith Richards also shared his feelings:

“Love this”

You can check the post below.