The Rolling Stones legend, Mick Jagger’s lovely daughter and famous model of America, Georgia May Jagger posted a couple of new videos on her Instagram Stories and shared one of her sexiest moments of all time.

As you might watch the video of Georgia right below, she posed with really hot gestures and mimics for the footage which will be released these days.

Here is what Georgia wrote on the video:

“And by the way, always the best playlist when shooting with @clairerothstein & @paul.mclean1.

Up all night took a flight to Rome with @girls.girls.girls.magazine @clairerothstein @luca_caro.”

You can check out one of the best moments of the video:

Here is the video of Georgia:

Last month, the official Instagram page of John Lennon has posted a very rare photo of him with The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger.

They also revealed one of the rarest interviews of Mick Jagger in which is featuring what Jagger thinks about Lennon. Here’s what he told about him:

“I think John Lennon I miss the most. I was pretty friendly with him. He was talented and funny, and acerbic and to the point. Yeah, I miss him most.”

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