The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger spoke in a recent interview with Billboard and talked about the possibility of new album.

He has revealed the process of song writing and said:

“It’s going good. I’ve got lots of stuff. I’m doing some more writing this week. And I’m always, like, messing around.

I enjoy the writing process a lot. I mean, you always think the last thing you wrote is really wonderful and sometimes they’re really not (laughs). But it’s really fun doing it and it’s really enjoyable doing new things.”

Interviewer said ‘You don’t even need to release music because of the band’s catalog…” and Mick responded:

“Yeah, and we haven’t released that much and I think it’s a shame we haven’t released more new music.

So, I would hope we’re going to release some music. We do have a huge catalog. The thing about the catalog is when we come up to doing a tour like this, I try and go back and find some stuff that we haven’t done ever or we haven’t done very much and try to mix it in, so it isn’t always the same show.

But when you’re playing a really big show, there’s a certain amount of songs people want to hear — you don’t have to play them — but there’s a certain percentage of the songs that people will want to hear and if you don’t do them, they’ll go, “Wish he’d done that one.”

He also mentioned about Grammies and said:

I don’t really care about Grammys very much. I’m not saying it’s not not nice to have, it’s lovely to have. But it’s not going to break my heart if I don’t get Grammys and if my Grammys count is not as big as other peoples. But it’s very nice to get a Grammy. I appreciate it.”

The Rolling Stones’ latest album “Blue & Lonesome” was released on December 2, 2016.

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