One of the most talented rhythm guitarists of all time and the living-legend of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, shared a rare video from 1981 and mourned the late blues star Muddy Waters.

In the Instagram post, Keith left a simple message to celebrate Muddy Waters’ birthday and said that ‘I’m thinking of you buddy.’

Keith showed off how did they perform ‘The Rolling Stones Live at the Checkerboard’ and that special video has got almost 250K likes in just 12 hours.

This recent video was Keith’s first-ever Instagram post after almost one month.

Here is what Keith wrote on the caption of the video:

“Muddy Waters’ Birthday Today! The Rolling Stones Live at the Checkerboard 1981!
Thinking of you Muddy!
Keith. @therollingstones #therolling”

An Instagram user named golittlequeenie showed off her admiration to Keith:

“You look extremely hot there 😍”

Another Instagram user, drewhang made the most-liked comment:

“Saw Muddy in a basement nightclub in the ’70s.👏🏻👍🏻”

Check out that rare video of Keith and Muddy Waters right below.