The Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards posted a couple of photos and a new video on his official Instagram page and revealed his dyed hair with his followers.

Most of his fans didn’t like the new hair of Mike and indicated that they prefer the grey one.

Here is what Keith wrote on the captions:

“Countdown to the First concert of the No Filter Tour at Soldier Field on June 21st! Great to be back on the road! #keithrichards#therollingstones @therollingstones#chicago

Great to be back in Chicago! #keithrichards#therollingstones #nofilter

Onward to Toronto! Looking forward to Burl’s Creek, our only concert in Canada! Happy to be back. #keithrichards #therollingstones#nofilter #canada

An Instagram user named redaguilar commented and said:

“I like your grey hair better.”

Another user named cfernandez7 said that:

“Grey hair was legit!”

eric.millington also shared her opinion:

“Keef was 27 when this picture was taken.”

You can find the latest posts of the Keith below.