The iconic guitarist of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has shared a really special photo of himself with his long-time friend and bandmate, Darryl Jones via his certified Twitter account.

Keith Richards hasn’t shared any photo and post for 2 weeks. Today, he changed this state of affairs and shared a sincere photo while he made preparation for a concert in June 2019.

Here’s what he wrote:

#FBF #StonesNoFilter Tour, June 2019 at stage rehearsals before the start of the tour with Darryl Jones.”

A user named Michael Cross said:

“Keith, I use to have a Gibson ES 335 and I had to sell it because I’m a disabled American Veteran.

I really miss playing it because I watch how you play on the YouTube videos and you make it look so fluent and flawless and it sounds absolutely incredible! Can I buy one of yours?”

Another user named Robert asked:

“True greatness. But, Keef, Darryl has been playing bass for The Stones since 1994. Time for full membership?”

You can see the photo right below.