The official and verified Instagram page of legendary The Rolling Stones icon, Keith Richard shared a new video of Keith’s and revealed his farewell message to Arizona.

Here is the short and simple caption of the video:

“Goodbye Arizona and on to Miami!”

A user named made a really emotional comment:

“Lord Richards, I hope you’ll have a perfect time in Miami for your last gig!! 🔥🤘 Between, you look great and healthy as usual 😍🎸

You’re on of the best guitarist of the history, we all love you!! 💕🎸 You inspire me very much as Jimmy Reed or Chuck Berry did for you ❤️✨ Love you Keef, for ever. ❤️💜🎆”

Another user shared her feelings:

“Lord Richards!!! I just wanted to tell you thank you so much for being such a big inspiration to me, I absolutely adore you and you’re a hero to me! Have a safe flight to Miami Keef, love ya! ☺️👍🏻🎸🎶✨❤️💯”

Here is the video right below.

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Goodbye Arizona and on to Miami!

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