The Rolling Stones’ legendary and iconic star, Keith Richards posted a new photo on his official and certified page which he calls his lovely fans as the best crew ever.

As Ketih celebrating the latest tour of The Rolling Stones, the iconic musician thanked to his fans.

Here is what Keith wrote on the photo:

“What an amazing tour!! Thank you to all the Rolling Stones’ fans and to the best crew ever!”

A user named “” made one of the most liked comments on the photo:

“You’re the most beautiful in the world! ✨😍 You seem still totally healthy 🔥 Dear Lord Richards, you are one of the greatest guitarist in the world 🎸❤️ You inspire me very much, as you inspire many people! 🤘💕 Because of you, some of us are still alive because of you’re music 🎆🎸 You help me very much, everyday you make me happy, you inspire me a lot when I play the guitar ❤️🎸 Keith, you are a great man 💜 and you make parts of the legend of rock’n’roll 🔥🎸 Thank you for every day 💜❤”

You can see the photo below.