In one of the recent episodes of his podcast, Howard Stern has revealed new details about the terrible cancer diagnosis of The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts.

The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts was diagnosed with throat cancer in June 2004. Howard Stern mentioned those days, and he gave some untold details about Charlie’s fought against throat cancer.

According to the recent report of Alternative Nation, Howard Stern said that Charlie looks like he died when he was fighting with throat cancer. Here’s the statement ( recapped):

“After the break, they played a Meat Puppets ”Lake of Fire” as they were coming back. Howard said he knows they interviewed them a long time ago. He said he always liked this song. He sang along with that for a short time.

Howard said he watches Charlie Watts and he looks like he died. Robin said the Rolling Stones can handle that deadlock. Howard said he thinks he was stuffed years ago. He said this is why you can’t get sick. He said they can replace you like that.”

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