The iconic member of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richard’s lovely daughter and also famous social media personality on Instagram, Alexandra Richards posted a recent photo of herself and made an important statement.

The famous model mentioned that almost 70% of Alzheimer patients are female and people need to learn more and raise more awareness to solve this deadly issue.

Here is the letter she wrote:

“Women are now suffering from depression, stroke, and dementia twice as much as men, and an astonishing 70% of Alzheimer’s patients are female.

Women’s health issues are at a critical tipping point. More than ever, we need to elevate the discourse and maximize support for our mothers, daughters, sisters, relatives, friends, and spouses.

Learning more and raising more awareness about this escalated brain-aging disease in women is extremely important. Taking precautionary steps can help prevent this happening to you.

Thank you for having us at last nights dinner for the Women’s Brain Health Initiative 🙏🏼”

Check out the photo of Alexandre right below.