The Rolling Stones backup singer Bernard Fowler had a long and detailed interview with Rolling Stone and revealed what does it feel like singing for Mick Jagger and has he given any advice to him.

Here is what Fowler said:

“No, he’s never given me any advice. I would say that early on, when I first started working with him, he was a taskmaster.

He and Keith did all that singing on the early records, so it was always important to me to sing those parts with some familiarity, and it was a job because it was only me and [fellow backup singer] Lisa Fischer.

Basically, Lisa and I found a way to make two people sound like we’re singing big, so it was bigger than just two people. Mick would sometimes give us a scowl that means, “That’s not working. You need to do something else.” When he’s got that face on, it means it ain’t working. That’s the way it was.”

Fowler also revealed how he became The Rolling Stones member. Here is his statement:

“I went back on the road with Herbie Hancock and when I was in New York, some people called me saying, “I hear Mick Jagger’s looking for a male background singer to go on the road. Have you heard anything?” I’m like, “No, no one’s called me.”

I was rehearsing for a tour at a studio with Carmine Rojas and I walked out of the room to go to the bathroom, and I see this entourage of people come down the corridor and I see Mick.

I say, “Hey, Mick. How you doing?” He looks at me and didn’t speak so I went to the bathroom. Then later a woman walks in and says, “Is there a Bernard Fowler here? Mick would like to know if you’d audition for his tour.” She gave me a cassette of three or four songs and left.”

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