During a recent interview with BBC radio, Rolling Stones’ iconic frontman Mick Jagger, talked about his attempt to write an autobiography and revealed that he eventually gave up as reliving a lot of emotions, ups and downs and relationships was emotionally challenging for him.

With a career that spans over six decades, Mick Jagger is one of the most famous and appreciated musicians in rock history. He started climbing the ladder of fame in the ’60s as the co-founder and lead vocalist of the up-and-coming band Rolling Stones and he has also been quite successful as a solo musician.

The 78 years old rockstar is still highly active in the music industry and he recently released a single named ‘Eazy Sleazy‘ in collaboration with Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl. In his recent interview, he revealed that he was approached by some publishers who offered him a lot of money to write an autobiography, just like his bandmates Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood.

‘The money was the seductive part of it’ says Jagger, but when he started writing his autobiography he found himself struggling. He said that it was a long process that took a lot out of him as he needed to relive emotions, friendships, and ups and downs which ‘wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.’ Thus, he decided to stop doing this ‘dull and upsetting‘ task and just gave the money back to the publishers.

Here’s what Mick Jagger said during the interview:

“I was offered a lot of money, and the money was the seductive part of it. When I actually started to get into it, I really didn’t enjoy it. And what I didn’t enjoy was reliving my life to the detriment of living in the now.

If you want to write an autobiography, this is not a process you can do in a week, you know? It takes a lot of you – it takes a lot out of you reliving emotions, reliving friendships, reliving ups and downs, and all this. And I must say, it wasn’t the most enjoyable experience.

I found it ultimately dull and upsetting… there weren’t that many highs out of it. So I just said, ‘I can’t be bothered with this,’ and I just gave the money back to the publishers, (saying) ‘I’ll do it another day.’ And that was the end of it.”

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