A Twitter user @showgan14 has leaked the rare photos of The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger on his Twitter account.

If you check out these photos, Mick Jagger looks really bizarre while wearing a stunning wig. The Twitter user didn’t give any details for the photo but he described the photo with the hit of The Rolling Stones, Some Girls, reference.

Here’s what the user wrote:

“Some girls give me money. Some girls buy me clothes. Some girls give me jewelry. That I never thought I’d own.👕💍💰 #MickJagger “Some Girls” The Rolling Stones”

Check out the tweet below.

A few days ago, Mick Jagger was pretty silent on social media for a while. He has broken his social media silence on his official Twitter account to share the first trailer of ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy.’

The last tweet of Mick Jagger was shared in the last days of 2019. In the tweet, he was wishing a better year for his followers and fans.

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