The Rolling Stones legendary co-founder Mick Jagger was recently interviewed by Los Angeles Times’ Mark Olsen and talked about his role as Joseph Cassidy in a movie named ‘The Burnt Orange Heresy’ that was released back in March.

As the whole industry knows, Mick Jagger is a well-organized man and plans everything he will do from months ago. While the whole world is stuck during the quarantine process, Mick was asked if being in his home for many months was effected him badly.

According to his statements, Mick feels very sorry about Rolling Stones’ postponed shows but because he thinks that live shows are really something and things will come back to normality sooner or later.

Here is what he said about the lockdown process that the whole world is living for months:

“It’s not really locked down where I am now. Just people are very safe and keep the distance. And they wear masks if they go shopping or out anywhere.

If you go into a store, you have sanitizer at the door, then you go out another door if there’s another door. It’s all very organized.”

He also exposed how his scheduled life was effected during the lockdown and how he managed to settle a new order for himself.

Here is the rest of his statement:

“I’m just the same as everyone else. We’ve all had to change our lives in lots of ways. And even though things have kind of eased up in Europe a lot, opening up and stuff, it was a bit of a shock to the system. Talking about the movie, it was very disappointing that it never got to really come out because the lockdown was the week of release.

And then we had to postpone the Stones tour, and so that’s a bit of an unknown factor as to what next year is going to bring — for all parts of the entertainment business, really.”

You can watch the latest trailer of Mick Jagger’s latest movie below.

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