The official Twitter account of The Rolling Stones posted the photos of three different compositions for the band’s 1973 album Goats Head Soup‘ and started an unofficial poll wondering the fans’ favorite designs.

In 1973, the legendary rock band The Rolling Stones released their 13th studio album named Goats Head Soup.’ The album gained the appreciation of the fans around the world and reached number one in various lists both in the U.K. and U.S.

Recently, the official Twitter account of The Rolling Stones shared the photos of the three different designs for the band’s Goats Head Soup‘ album and revealed the story of how they decided to use the one with Mick Jagger enveloped in chiffon veils.

Apparently, there were three options for the band members to decide which one would be better for the album. One of them was showing a goat’s head in soup, while the other portrayed each of the band members as half-man half-horse. Both of them were rejected and the portrait of Mick Jagger enveloped in chiffon veils was favored as a better option.

Here’s the story behind the album cover of Goats Head Soup‘:

There were 3 different album designs proposed for Goats Head Soup – a Goat’s Head in soup (deemed too uncomfortable for some) the band depicted as centaurs: half-man half-horse (rejected) finally the one you see today – the band enveloped in chiffon veils.

Furthermore, an unofficial poll was started by The Rolling Stones’ Twitter account asking the fans’ opinions on which design would have been better for the Goats Head Soup album. For now, the cover portraying a goat’s head in the soup is leading the poll.

You can see the tweet posted by the official Twitter account of The Rolling Stones below.