The Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood was recently interviewed by Rock Cellar Magazine’s Jeff Slate and admitted that co-founders Mick Jagger and Keith Richards stopped calling him ‘New Boy’ after almost 50 years.

After stating that Mick and Keith finally decided that Ronnie is among them after all those years, Ronnie also shared the details of life quality after quitting alcohol and drugs.

According to Ronnie, giving up on his bad habits let him play anything on stage as he wishes, and he plans to stick with his plan forever.

Here is what he told about the ‘new boy’ stuff:

“Yeah, well they’ve given that up now finally. There’s a new camaraderie now. ‘Oh well, I suppose he really is one of us after all.”

And here is what he told about his sobriety:

“I’ve got a new clarity of approach, coming with my sobriety, I think. That’s an amazing plus for me, because I can play anything without a drink or dope.

It’s a wonderful feeling to still feel excited about a show, but I don’t have to reach for false stimulants to get me through, you know?

It’s hard to explain until one does it. But there comes an even further depth of understanding of songs. It changes all the time. Just to keep up with it and keep grips with it and experiment. You still experiment. Amazing new things are coming out, but it’s out of a very focused place.”

At the end of the interview, Ronnie explained how hard was it to perform sober after cleaning up completely:

“There’s that white-knuckle stage that can be quite frightening to get through. I suppose [it took] about a year. But you have to stick with it. You have to have faith and stick in there. It does get better.”

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