The Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood has shared a photo with Sir Roderick David Stewart to show how dangerous he is, via his official Instagram account.

In the first look, you might think that Ronnie is having a serious fight with Sir Roderick David Stewart because they were looking at each other face to face. But in-depth, Ronnie was celebrating the birthday of Sir Stewart in a funny way and he shared a couple of photos with him.

In this way, we can understand how great Ronnie Wood’s cheerful character is. Like every other picture of him, he smiles and shares positive energy with the people.

Here is what Ronnie Wood captioned:

“Happy Birthday Roderick @sirrodstewart and here’s to many more! With Kenney @kenneyjonesdrums #Faces #noses”

A fan named Gary Pearce said:

“Love that pic! Big kids always! 🤘”

Another fan named Mollie Marriott said:

“😍 Love these pics 💋”

You can check the post below.