One of the most talented guitarists of all time and also known as the master of the six-string sonic highway, Joe Satriani, was recently interviewed by Music Is Win’s official YouTube channel and recalled interesting story he had with Mick Jagger of The Rolling Stones.

As you might already know, Joe Striani has released his seventeenth studio album named ‘Shapeshifting’ back in April, 2020 through Sony Music. He also made the productions of the album along side Jim Scott. The album is now available in Amazon as Audio CD and Special Edition Vinyl.

After talking about his latest album and his studio recording tips for his fans, he also recalled a bizarre moments he had while playing some solo in front of 90.000 people. According to Joe, Mick came behind him and bit him on the shoulder all of a sudden. However, Mick was doing ‘Mick things’ and it was not a surprise for him.

Let’s hear what Joe Satriani told to Music Is Win:

“When you were doing a solo or something, he’d like to interact with you in a very theatrical way, but always very supportive. Because he knew that like, ‘OK, Joe takes a solo here; he’s got to stand over here, the lights are going to hit him.’

‘It’s going to be loud, I want to make sure that my guitar player is just like raging at that moment. So whatever I can do to frame him, so he would do things and you had to realize not to let it throw you off because he’s so crazy in his physical movement.’

And Doug [Wimbish, bass] used to always agree that you couldn’t watch Mick if you were grooving because he doesn’t move like a regular guy. He’s out there dancing like Jerry Lewis or Jim Carrey or something.

And if you start looking at him, all of a sudden you lose your beat because he’s not grooving to you, he’s acting for the audience. He’s doing something that’s on a higher level of performance.”

He continued:

“Anyway, I do remember I was playing some solo – and he just came over and he bit me on the shoulder! And I kept saying to myself, ‘Just keep going, that’s Mick, that’s what he does – he does weird things.’

But that was pretty weird, he just came over and he was behind me, and just making faces, then he just chomped down! He just decided to chomp down while I was playing, and I thought, ‘That’s great – how many people can say they’ve been bitten by Mick Jagger while they’re playing a solo in front of 90,000 people?!'”

You can watch the whole interview right below.

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