The legendary Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards was the latest interview guest of Ian Fortnam of Louder’s Classic Rock and talked about how he’s spending his days in the coronavirus outbreak days.

While the coronavirus still bothers every single citizen of the world, the cases in the United States of America have reached over 24 million. As a United States citizen who lives in Weston, Connecticut for years, Keith Richards still tries to stay in his home due to self-quarantine.

According to the latest statements of Keith, he’s not as productive as he wanted to be in the coronavirus outbreak. While Keith admitted that he still picks up the guitar and sits around for writing songs, he also shared that he could not read anything for months.

He also cleared the air about a common misunderstanding about ‘Living In A Ghost Town‘ which was the first-ever single of their last album named ‘Honk.’

Here is what Keith Richards said:

“Well, (Living In A) Ghost Town came out that way, and we got about four or five tracks down before the pandemic hit. Ghost Town was written and recorded before we knew anything about COVID-19. It was one of Mick’s really mysterious prophecies [laughs]. But otherwise? I don’t know.

We can’t finish it until we can get back together again, and this pandemic might change the way we want to sound or what we want to write about because I think it’s going to influence everything.

And here is what he said about reading books in self-quarantine:

“Funnily enough, not a lot. For some reason I haven’t been able to settle down with anything. Actually, thanks for reminding me. I must catch up on what people are writing. I haven’t read anything new just lately, and I usually do. I think this pandemic has slowed me down or cut me off somewhat.”

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