The co-founder and guitarist of The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards has celebrated the 37th anniversary of his marriage with his wife, Patti Hansen, by sharing a special photo of them, taken by the portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz.

The iconic British musician, who is known as the creator of rock’s greatest single body of riffs, Keith Richards, has recently appeared on Twitter with a spectacular throwback post for a special reason other than to recall the good old days when The Rolling Stones took over the stages.

Richards has shared a rare picture of himself taken with the American model and actress, Patti Hansen, whom he married on December 18, 1983, at the Finisterra Hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The legendary guitarist wished a happy anniversary to themselves in the caption of the photo.

The couple, who has two daughters, Theodora and Alexandra, has been maintaining an amazing life together since Keith’s 40th birthday. According to an interview Hansen gave to Harper’s Bazaar, she met Richards in 1979, on her 23rd birthday at Studio 54.

Patti said she didn’t know Keith’s fame back then, but her closest friend, Shaun Casey knew the rock star very well. Had a conversation through the intervention of Casey, the couple fell in love at first sight. In one of his appearances on Vanity Fair, Richards said that there was life before Patti and life after.

Here’s what Keith Richards said in his latest tweet:

A Happy Anniversary, baby! Patti Hansen.

Love, Keith.”

You can see the tweet below.