Van Halen can be considered as one of the most influential and popular bands of all time. For years, the band preserved its success thanks to their remarkable performances and by releasing hit albums even after several line-up changes.

Even though Van Halen gained great popularity and commercial success, their frontman David Lee Roth decided to leave Van Halen in 1985 due to creative differences and wanted to form his own band. Therefore Eddie Van Halen needed to find a new lead singer and invited two famous musicians before hiring Sammy Hagar.

Eddie Van Halen Invited Patty Smyth And Daryl Hall To Join Van Halen

After David Lee Roth’s departure, Eddie Van Halen wanted Scandal lead singer Patty Smyth to join Van Halen as their new vocalist. However, Smyth denied this offer because of her pregnancy and Van Halen members’ way of having fun by using drugs and alcohol.

Smyth revealed that both Valerie and Eddie wanted to keep it a secret not to make Hagar feel like he was the second choice. However, Hagar was the third choice as Eddie also offered Hall & Oates co-founder Daryl Hall to become Van Halen’s new frontman.

Patty Smyth recalled these times saying:

“Eddie asked me to join Van Halen. When Valerie wrote her book, she downplayed the whole thing, which I don’t understand. They had asked me not to talk about it in interviews at the time because they didn’t want Sammy Hagar to feel like he was the second choice. It was a long time ago; I never bring it up, but people do ask me about it, and there’s no reason to deny it.

Eddie was dead serious. He wanted me to join the band, and we talked about it repeatedly. I had several problems with it. I had just gotten pregnant with my daughter; I didn’t want to move to California, plus those guys were partying very hard at that time.”

In Daryl Hall’s words he said:

“Yes, now you all see, I have verification. It was right around the time when Eddie was looking to make a change.”

Eventually, Eddie Van Halen found the band’s frontman, Sammy Hagar, thanks to his car mechanic’s advice and Hagar’s remarkable performance in Montrose. Hagar was Van Halen’s lead singer for more than a decade, and then the band reunited with David Lee Roth in 1996.