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Black Bow Records have teamed up with The Sludgelord to reveal “Gravity”, a new track from Houston’s PYRESHIP. The band’s sound will appeal heavily to fans of Kings X, Soundgarden and Isis. “Gravity” is taken from the band’s forthcoming album The Liars Bend Low, which will be released May 26th 2017 on vinyl and digital formats.

Stream “Gravity” here:

About Pyreship

Houston sludge thugs Pyreship, expertly blend post-metal and doom with a raft of 90’s slowcore and noise rock influences. Comprised of four road-hardened musicians, Pyreship’s songs are reflective of their formative environment – stripped-down, unpretentious, and resilient.

Live, the music is meant to be both heard and felt, with Steve Smith’s relentless jackhammer beats melding seamlessly with the molten slag spilling out of George Lusito’s bass amp.  Co-guitarists Jason Jordan and Sam Waters stoke the bellows.  Pyreship is one of the few remaining bands running an unapologetically monolithic backline.  They use it to slam out slow, deliberate riffs that resonate long after the show has ended and the crowd dispersed.

Pyreship is:

Steve Smith- drums
George Ellis Lusito-bass
Sam Waters-guitar/vocals
Cru Jordan Jones- guitar/vocals

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