One of the most followed Freddie Mercury fan pages on the whole social media, Freddy Mercury Online, posted a rare photo of Freddie and exposed the untold details of his relationships with his lovely cats.

As the fan page shared the little-known lines of his long-time friend Peter Freestone about Freddie’s admiration for cats, they also shared how Freddie dedicated a song from ‘Innuendo’ album to his cat named Delilah.

In the same song, Freddie was talking about the naughtiness of the cats, referring to his old-time friend Delilah.

Here is the caption of the post:

“His cats were his family” — Peter Freestone to The Washington Post.⠀

Freddie had a total of 10 cats. Among them was Delilah, a large, adult cat with long white and gray hair. She is considered Freddie Mercury’s favorite. He often joked about her as the apple of his eye.⠀

He had so much love for Delilah that he dedicated a song from the album “Innuendo” to her; “Delilah”. In that song, Freddie talks about the naughtiness the cat used to do and also he reflected the lovely relationship he had with her. ⠀

Delilah was always close to Freddie even in his final days, she was always laying in bed with him.#FreddieMercury”

You can check out the photo right below.

Photo Credit: Freddie Mercury Online – Instagram