Maynard James Keenan has led a successful music career as the lead vocalist and songwriter of Tool and Puscifer. Apart from that, Maynard is also a record producer, winemaker, and actor. Active in the music scene since 1986, Maynard has influenced many musicians with his vocal style.

Formed back in 1990 by Adam Jones and Maynard, Tool won four Grammies, has toured worldwide, and produced chart-topping albums in several countries. Since its formation, the band has released five commercially successful albums.

Apart from his career with Tool, Maynard also formed a solo project titled ‘Puscifer.’ He formed the band in Los Angeles and described his work with them as the ‘manifestation of his creative subconscious.’ Maynard collaborated with Mat Mitchell and Carina Round frequently while in Puscifer, and they became permanent bandmembers later on.

The band’s most recent record was ‘Existential Reckoning,’ released on May 8, 2020. During his prolific music career, Maynard has produced a significant number of songs. However, he named only one of them as his best creation.

The Reason Why Maynard James Keenan Considers ‘Grand Canyon’ His Best Song

Back in 2018, Maynard James Keenan appeared on the Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter show. In the show, Carter asked him the song he is most proud of writing. Maynard then revealed it is Puscifer’s ‘Grand Canyon’ from their third album, ‘Money Shot,’ released in 2015.

Speaking about his reasoning, Maynard stated that it is one of the few tracks that captures both the landscape and soundscape, which is difficult to achieve. He then claimed that they worked hard on this song to make it work, and it was a disaster at the start.

Maynard told Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter about Puscifer’s ‘Grand Canyon’ that:

“I feel like it’s one of the few tracks that’s actually capturing landscape and soundscape altogether – and a difficult puzzle to put together ’cause it wasn’t easy to put all those elements vocally together.

To really make it work, it was very clunky. If you heard some of the early versions of it, what we were trying to do, it was like, ‘Oh, bench this thing. It’s not working.’

It really took a long time to kind of – not a long time, I shouldn’t say… The first initial attacks were like, ‘This is a disaster.’ Like, ‘No, wait; no, it’s not. Move this part over to here, move this part over to here – now it measures up. Now the soundscape and the landscape starts to unveil.'”

You can watch ‘Grand Canyon’s official video below.