Although the whole world now recognizes him as Rob Zombie’s guitarist for the past 16 years, John 5 has worked with many successful artists throughout his music career, which spans over more than three decades. Aside from collaborating with former Van Halen singer David Lee Roth, John 5 is mainly known for his problematic tenure with Marilyn Manson, which lasted for six years.

There are countless reasons why it’s hard to work with Marilyn Manson since he has a notorious reputation when it comes to his crazy stage performances. Considering he has even harmed himself while performing, Manson has had trouble having a stable lineup.

In John 5’s case, there were times when Marilyn pushed his buttons both during live performances and behind the scenes. Lucky for fans, the onstage moments were recorded, and they got the opportunity to see the problematic relationship the two had while working together. Let’s see one of those incidents when Manson’s personal opinions got the best of him on stage, and the two nearly got into a punch fight in the middle of a show.

Marilyn Manson Physically Harmed John 5 On Stage

Following his departure from the band, John 5 had mentioned how Marilyn Manson might have felt resentment toward him since he does not do drugs or drink alcohol. In contrast, Manson’s reputation has been built on substance abuse. Since the singer never addressed this situation explicitly, it is still unclear what Marilyn disliked John 5.

However, there were times when fans were convinced the rocker held a grudge toward his guitarist after witnessing his actions on stage. Specifically, there was one time when they were performing ‘The Beautiful People’ at the Rock am Ring in 2003, and while Marilyn Manson was jumping around the stage, he suddenly kicked John 5 while he was playing his guitar.

As a natural reaction, the guitarist threw his guitar, and the two looked as if they were going to start a serious fistfight in the middle of the live performance. Even though the reason Manson decided to kick his guitarist while performing a show cannot be known for sure, many fans think it was an outlet of the negative emotions he had for John 5.

However, there’s more to this fight than just Manson’s envy since John 5 had recently found out that his father’s cancer gotten worse while he was touring. Naturally, the guitarist asked to fly back to his home to be with his father for his last days. However, the singer didn’t allow it, which made things worse.

Furthermore, John 5 got a phone call before the show and found out that his sister passed away after an overdose. As the musician was mentally in a bad place after losing a family member and was on the edge of losing another, Manson’s actions on stage triggered him, and he got defensive.

After seeing the incident, many fans shared their opinions in the comments section, stating that Marilyn Manson was jealous of John 5 since the two lived totally different lives. Therefore, it was better for the guitarist to go on with his career without Manson, and now he’s getting the love and appreciation he deserves from Rob Zombie.

You can watch those moments down below.