The king of pop music, Michael Jackson’s beautiful and successful actress daughter, Paris Jackson, has posted a really rare photo of The Beatles’ legendary musicians John Lennon and Paul McCartney on Instagram.

She also admitted that the photo is her favorite photo but unfortunately it was stolen by a die-hard The Beatles fan.

In the photo, Paul and John had sat front of their house and they were singing the song when playing the guitars of them. The couple seemed very satisfied with their life.

Michael Jackson’s daughter has written a sincere message with the photo and showed once again how much she admires them. This picture has received 48,5k Instagram likes and many followers wrote a lot of comments.

Here’s what Paris captioned:

“This has got to be one of my all-time favorite photographs.. Stolen from a fellow Beatles maniac.”

The son of Gary Oldman, Charlie, wrote a comment:

“Very groovy.”

A fan named Katie Coyle said this:

“Wow, I need a giant poster of this photo.”

Another fan named Nancy Banks liked that photo and wrote this:

“Oh, my stars I love them so…. Thanks for this glimpse.”

You can see the Instagram post of Paris Jackson right below.