An Instagram fan account dedicated to Queen’s frontman, Freddie Mercury, recently posted a photo with John Deacon and quoted some of the views on their friendship expressed by the people closest to the band, such as Freddie’s assistant, Peter Freestone.

There is no doubt that Freddie Mercury is one of the most famous rockstars of all time who never seizes to impress his listeners and still has millions of fans. His four-octave vocal range and genius songwriting had a huge impact on rock music. He contributed immensely to the rock culture and scene with his flamboyant style which altered the conventions of a rock frontman.

Thus, it should not be surprising that there are numerous fan pages dedicated to Queen’s unforgettable frontman which uncover old interviews and reveal unknown facts about Freddie. Recently, one of those fan pages shared a post considering Freddie’s close relationship with Queen’s bassist John Deacon and talked about how Freddie took care of John and supported his career.

John Deacon and Freddie were really close and Freddie had made it his mission to take care of John, who was a shy boy, younger than all of them, and new to the rock scene. John would often acknowledge how much Freddie has helped him and was the only one of his bandmates who refused to perform with Queen after Freddies passing. He said that there is no point carrying on as Freddie can never be replaced.

Peter Freestone said that Freddie took John under his wing and tried to protect him. Even after John got married and Freddie did not have to look after him that much, on later albums there are a few Deacon and Mercury tracks ‘because John was the only one who acknowledged how much Freddie helped him.’

Here’s what other people said about Freddie’s relationship with John Deacon:

“Freddie and John in Munich, Germany on September 16th, 1984.
‘As far as we are concerned, this is it. There is no point carrying on. It is impossible to replace Freddie.’ – John Deacon, 1996.

‘Freddie took John under his wing because he was the new boy. He was shy, not like Brian and Roger. He wanted to protect him. And then John found a wife and built a life with Veronica and Freddie didn’t need to look after him so much anymore. Even so, when you look on later albums, there are a few Deacon/Mercury tracks, because John was the only one who acknowledged how much Freddie helped him.’ – Peter Freestone.

‘John just gave up after Freddie died. He and Freddie were opposites really because John is so shy and he was the youngest in the band. Freddie took him under his wing and they were very close for all those years. Freddie drew the attention away, and without Freddie there, I dont think John could face any of it.’ – Jacky Smith (the person who ran the Queen Fan Club for 37 years).

‘Freddie would provoke fights with whoever was there because that gave him the impetus to work, it got his juices flowing. Like Brian always said, they were four people in a marriage because you have to be that close to be able to fight and make up. Most of the time it was about the music. Very rarely was the fighting and screaming personal.’ – Peter Freestone.”

Here’s what the fan page said about Freddie’s friendship with Deacon and about Queen without Freddie:

“I love Freddie and Deacy’s friendship so much, it has to be my favorite along with Roger and Freddie’s. I admire John so much for saying ‘No Freddie, No Queen‘ because it is true. Queen is 4 people and without one of them, Queen is not Queen.

Don’t get me wrong please, I understand why Roger and Brian keep touring and it makes me happy they’re giving us, the younger fans, an opportunity to enjoy Queens music live but I agree with Deacy, Queen is not Queen anymore in my opinion. I would like to know your opinion on this topic. But please I want everyone to respect other opinions because we all have the right to think and believe whatever we want, no negativity, please 🥰.”

You can check out the photo that Freddie Mercury’s fan page posted below.