Imagine Dragons frontman Dan Reynolds and his wife Aja Volkman have been living a great life together for years. In 2011, the couple gets married and they have four children from this marriage.

However, little we know that Dan and Aja were almost getting divorced before the release of Imagine Dragons’ latest album, Follow You / Cutthroat. But, the couple decided to be together once again.

After a short period the couple made the decision, Dan Reynolds wrote a song to tell the story and his feelings about this period and added the iconic song ‘Follow You’ to the album.

“Heart attacks every night. Oh, you know it’s not right,” Dan Reynolds explained how hard it was to be separated from his wife in the song. “I will follow you way down wherever you may go I’ll follow you way down to your deepest low.”

Following the release of this single, Dan Reynolds also confirmed that he wrote this after they got back together and mentioned that he wanted it to represent love in a realistic way.

Here is what Dan Reynolds said:

“She said she didn’t need to own me to love me. She loved me without expectations. We ditched the lawyers and went to lunch.

Remarry and stay together. I proposed again and she said yes, again.

I wrote ‘Follow You’ after we got back together. I wanted it to represent a love that is realistic. One where love isn’t perfect but it endures.”

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