Marilyn Manson has always been one of the most controversial musicians with his extraordinary stage shows featuring extreme violence and unexpected provocative behavior toward the audience, crew members, and groupies.

However, Manson justified these provocative acts saying that they are part of his stage shows and his fans don’t have any problem with that, even though he has faced backlash many times. As for the backstage incidents, many strange incidents took place between Manson and his groupies.

Marilyn Manson and Adina Slotsky Told Different Stories About How They Met

The story of how Marilyn Manson met Adina Slotsky, a deaf groupie and self-proclaimed dominatrix, can be regarded as the most controversial among the musician’s stories. Manson talked about the incident both in his memoir entitled ‘The Long Hard Road Out of Hell’ and an interview that he previously joined.

According to Manson, they met backstage at the Plus Five in Fort Lauderdale in 1993, and he claimed that Adina wanted to have sex with him, but he couldn’t because his girlfriend Melissa Romero was also there. However, Adina claimed that she was invited backstage, and Manson touched her without her consent.

In Manson’s words, he said:

I immediately realized that she was deaf because of the way her voice sounded. She told me that she could feel the music when she’s close to the stage, and that’s how she gets her enjoyment from it.”

Adina Slotsky recalled these times saying:

“Brian comes up, and he grabs my boob. I’m like, ‘F’ck you!’

Therefore, both sides continued to defend their own claims about their backstage encounter. Manson’s version consisted of a deaf groupie who wanted to be with him, while Slotsky’s story included sexual harassment ending with the girl telling him to ‘F’ck you.’