If you don’t know what a ‘groupie‘ is, that means you’re missing the entire love life and drama of the rock ‘n’ roll stars. The term is a slang word that refers to an artist’s fan who follows them while they are on tour. However, ‘groupie’ is usually used to describe young women, very young women, who follow these rock stars for sex and the fame that comes with it.

The list of famous groupies includes numerous iconic names such as Bebe Buell, Lori Maddox, and Pamela Des Barres. These women often had multiple relationships with legendary rock stars, and they all have some interesting stories to tell since their affairs were often filled with drama.

Audrey Hamilton is one of these well-known groupies, who now lives a quiet life, stays away from the public eye, and hasn’t written a memoir like some groupies. However, she sure has many stories to tell since Hamilton had a long-term relationship with Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. She also gave birth to KISS original lead guitarist Ace Frehley’s baby. Let’s take a closer at her story and relationships.

Robert Plant And Audrey Hamilton Were In Love

When Audrey Hamilton and Robert Plant met, the two had an instant connection. She was invited to join Led Zeppelin on the road, which Hamilton accepted without hesitation, even though she was married, as she claimed they had an open marriage. Thus, she became Plant’s ‘road wife’ during the band’s 1977 US tour.

Audrey Hamilton happened to be one of the few groupies to travel with the band for an entire tour. Apparently, the two were in love, and the Led Zeppelin singer even gave her a personal shout-out during the band’s show in Los Angeles on June 21, 1977. Despite Plant’s marriage with Maureen Wilson at the time, Hamilton attended each show at the front row, and the couple was highly interactive with each other during live performances.

While their relationship was continuing, Led Zeppelin’s tour ended abruptly on July 26, 1977, when Plant lost his five-year-old son Karac to a stomach virus. Naturally, the rocker returned to England to be with his family and say his final goodbye to his child, and this ended his affair with Audrey Hamilton as she went back to Texas.

Ace Frehley And Audrey Hamilton Later Had A Child

Audrey Hamilton was determined that her relationship with Robert Plant was over. Therefore, after her break-up with the Led Zeppelin icon, she had affairs with other rockstars such as Rod Stewart, Bad Company, Electric Light Orchestra, and KISS.

While pursuing a relationship with several rock stars, Hamilton got pregnant with KISS guitarist Ace Frehley’s child. Her days as a groupie ended after their daughter Lindsey was born on 19 September 1980.

Unlike other famous groupies, Audrey Hamilton never stayed in the public eye by publishing a memoir regarding her days with rock icons. Neither did she give interviews about those days. Instead, she resides in Dallas, Texas, where she’s enjoying life with her daughter, away from all the glorious days she once had with rock musicians.