The former manager of Guns N’ Roses, Alan Niven, spoke in the recent interview with Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon and revealed the untold story of the iconic song of Bob Dylan, ‘Just Like a Woman.’

In the interview, Alan stated that when they were in the backstage, a 16-year-old girl named Sharon Stone, who is an actress, producer, and former model, entered the backstage and fascinated Bob Dylan with her beauty.

Later on, Bob sit next to Sharon in one day and said that he wrote a song for her, and he played the ‘Just Like a Woman’ song and made her shred into tears. However, it turned out that Bob actually wrote that song ten years before that day.

Here is what Alan Niven said:

“Bob Dylan is obviously one of my heroes, and I’m fascinated to find out what I can that exposes exhibits and illustrates his personality and character – because I think he’s far more grounded, far more humorous than most people realize.

And I found this little story where they were out with – he hadn’t been touring for a long time, and he went out with the thing called ‘Rolling Thunder Revue.’ And one way or another, this extremely attractive 16-year-old blonde girl got into the mix backstage.

And Dylan one day sits down and says, ‘Hey honey, I just wrote a song for you,’ and he plays on a beat-up piano ‘Just Like a Woman’ and reduces this gorgeous 16-year-old to tears.”

He continued:

“Well, the 16-year old was called Sharon Stone, and then she finds out that he actually wrote it 10 years previous.

But she was kind of delighted that Dylan sang that song and dedicated it to her, even though he claimed that he wrote it for her, which I thought was kind of entertaining.”

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