Pantera’s official Instagram account recalled some memories from the anniversary of their last show at Beast Feast in Japan back in 2001.

Pantera is considered one of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time. They influenced and shaped the metal music genre with their heavy sound and riffs. However, their journey in the music industry didn’t last long enough for most of the metalheads.

Neither their big fanbase nor the band knew that Pantera will give their last show in Japan. Unfortunately, that show came to be known as the last time when all the band members were together on the stage.

In 2002, the singer Phil Anselmo was involved in many side projects even though he told Pantera that he would take a break for a year. This made the Abbott brothers frustrated, which lead to their disbandment in 2003.

Nevertheless, the last show of Pantera was terrific because there was a stunning detail about their performance. The band guested Slayer’s Kerry King to play ‘Fucking Hostile’on the stage, which made all the fans crazy.

After the guest appearance of Kerry King, the band ended the show by playing ‘This Love’ and ‘Cowboys From Hell.’ However, they did an encore as the other bands do and played ‘Walk’ with Evan Seinfield.

Here is how Pantera celebrated the anniversary of their last show via Instagram:

“Where were you on August 26, 2001? Pantera were performing their last show ever at Beast Feast in Japan. 20 years ago today.”

You can check out the performance below.