The Rolling Stones is probably one of the best-known rock bands in the history of music. During its peak times, the members were young, wild, and free, and they made the headlines with some big news. Back in 1962, when the band was first formed, the musicians jumped into the rock n’ roll lifestyle and got hooked on sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Many bands throughout the years have been on the headlines doing awful things to other people under the influence of substances. Drugs and alcohol have been blamed for many tragedies in the rock scene, such as the time Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx raped a girl under the influence.

Even though Keith Richards hasn’t made it to the headlines with something as awful as abuse or rape, he has been vocal about his drug abuse. In his 2011 memoir ‘Life,’ he recalled some of the things he did under the influence of drugs and uncovered an interesting story about when a fan saved him from going to jail.

Why Was Keith Richards Arrested In Toronto?

The Rolling Stones were in Toronto in 1977, and Richards was carrying an amount of heroin that surpasses the amount one person is allowed to carry. The heroin weighed around 1 ounce, which was enough to get him arrested for drug possession and trafficking. The guitarist’s lawyers thought it would be a good idea if he went to rehab until his case came up, and that is what he did.

When the court date came, The Rolling Stones fans were in front of the building with posters in their hands shouting ‘Free Keith.’ Richards was found guilty, but a fan of the band saved him from entering prison. Thanks to Rita, he was given a community service sentence, as she convinced the judge that the band should play a benefit concert for the blind as Richard’s punishment.

Rita was an exceptional fan of Rolling Stones as she would hitchhike to their shows just to see them. She stood up for Richards in a case against the law risking her integrity. As Richard stated in his memoir, although he is grateful to have such devoted fans, it is shocking to see people love him that much.