Anthrax rhythm guitarist and co-founder Scott Ian is primarily known for his music career that spans over four decades. However, his fans know that the rocker also has an endless passion for numerous unique interests and hobbies.

The successful guitarist shares his enthusiasm with his fans whenever he finds a new interest, such as his endless love for Battlestar Galactica, the TV series Doctor Who, Public Enemy and even getting a tattoo of the band. Furthermore, the musician has also collected first and limited editions of Stephen King’s books out of his love for the author.

There’s no doubt that when Scott Ian has a deep liking for something, he often goes all the way to show his love. However, he once took his admiration too far, and his actions got him into jail. Let’s see what the guitarist has done out of his love for Yankees and how he got out of prison eventually.

Scott Ian Was Arrested For Stealing From The Yankees

Every Scott Ian fan knows that the musician is an all-time New York Yankees fanatic. He supports the team to the extent that the first thing that came to his mind was to break into the team’s training camp when he was once drunk.

Back in 1997, the Anthrax guitarist was with his friend Angela Roberts, and the two had multiple glasses of wine. They then decided to steal an on-deck circle from Yankees’ training camp and jumped the fence at Legends Field at about 4:30 in the morning. As expected, the duo was caught on security cameras as they were dragging the heavy trophy.

Scott Ian and his friend were arrested and charged with burglary before they managed to get out of the facility. Fortunately for the musician, he only spent six hours in jail before his $7,500 bail was paid. The charges were eventually dropped following the rocker’s apology to the late Yankees owner George Steinbrenner on the Howard Stern Show.

During an interview with Guitar World back in 2011, Scott Ian recalled the time when his love for Yankees got him into jail. According to the musician, he didn’t mean to steal anything when he broke into Legends Field in Tampa. However, he said the cops were already waiting for him when he left, and then he got arrested.

In the Guitar World interview, Scott Ian claimed he didn’t intend to steal anything:

“I didn’t steal anything. I was accused of trying to. I had broken into Legends Field in Tampa, which is their spring-training facility, at three in the morning. Basically, I wanted to go look at the Thurman Munson monument. I ran around the bases like an idiot and then when I left the cops were waiting for me.

So, long story short, I got to apologize to George Steinbrenner on the Howard Stern show and they ended up dropping all the charges.”

If Scott Ian’s actions aren’t the definition of being a hardcore fanatic of a team, we don’t know what is. Nevertheless, the musician had the chance to make amends when his band performed at the Yankee Stadium over a decade later. Following that incident, Ian managed to stay away from trouble except a couple of times, which seems quite normal for a rockstar like him.