It’s fair to say that Ozzy Osbourne didn’t earn the titles of ‘Prince of Darkness’ and ‘The Godfather of Metal’ since he has an exceptional music career that spans over more than five decades. Osbourne may have had a bumpy career, especially with Black Sabbath, due to his notorious alcohol and drug addiction. However, the musician managed to get back on his feet every single time and accomplished to have a successful solo career in addition to his iconic tenure with the band.

In addition to his music career, the Black Sabbath icon also has a reputation for his substance abuse either it’s drugs or alcohol. For years, Ozzy Osbourne has misused alcohol and other drugs which caused him a lot of trouble when it comes to his career including being fired from Black Sabbath. While the musician is now sober for about seven years, his days under the influence back then have multiple mindblowing stories such as the time when he blacked out while touring and alarmed the police when his bandmates thought he was missing. Let’s take a closer look at the hilarious story.

Ozzy Osbourne Went Missing During Black Sabbath/Van Halen Tour

Van Halen’s first concert tour, the ‘1978 World Tour‘ included 174 shows total over a 10-month period and it was one of the band’s most extensive overall. Throughout the tour, the band was mostly the opening act for legendary bands including Black Sabbath for their ‘Never Say Die!‘ tour. Fortunately, both bands shared nothing but kind words for each other following touring together.

While they must have dozens of unbelievable stories, there was one time when both Black Sabbath and Van Halen members were concerned about Ozzy Osbourne as they checked in to a hotel in Atlanta. As Black Sabbath was preparing for their show that night, they realized Ozzy Osbourne wasn’t in his room.

After checking his room, band members saw Ozzy Osbourne’s luggage untouched with a made bed. Realizing that the singer never made it to the hotel, everybody started looking for Osbourne and the police were alarmed as well as local TV and radio both of which were notified. However, Ozzy was nowhere to be found and many people were thinking of the worst-case scenarios.

Ozzy Osbourne Wasn’t Missing, He Blacked Out For Hours

As the performance time got closer, Van Halen got on stage and performed as the opening act for a band whose lead singer is missing. After miserably failing at finding Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath members got up on stage and apologized for having to cancel the show.

All night long, everybody including band members, police, and fans looked for the Black Sabbath frontman. Unfortunately, Ozzy Osbourne was still missing until the next morning at 9 a.m. Eventually, the band members got a call from the Prince of Darkness himself asking when they’re leaving for the venue as if nothing happened.

Surprised by the unexpected call, band members found out that Ozzy Osbourne drank a bottle of some type of alcohol and ended up going to the wrong empty room. Due to being under the influence of an excessive amount of alcohol, Osbourne blacked out in somebody else’s room and slept over a day. Once he woke up, the musician thought he only slept for one night and everything was perfectly fine.