Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen spoke in a recent interview with Ultimate Guitar and talked about when he accidentally gave LSD to his bandmate and original Tool bassist Paul D’Amour.

Paul D’Amour is a bass guitarist who played for Tool until 1995, recording two studio albums with the band, ‘Opiate’ and ‘Undertow.’ In March 2019, Paul joined Ministry, replacing Tony Campos.

In the conversation, Al recalled the time when he first met Paul and revealed that he actually gave an LSD to the bass guitarist accidentally, which happened about 30 years ago when he was still playing for Tool.

As for their merger, the singer pointed out that he was going to a dentist back then who informed him that Paul is one of his patients too. It was around that time when Ministry’s bassist Tony Campos decided to leave the band.

Therefore, Al wanted to connect with Paul and invited him to join Ministry in 2019, 30 years after dosing him with LSD. Because of that, Al thinks everything is possible when it comes to Ministry.

Al Jourgensen talked about the time when he first met Paul in the interview:

The first time I met Paul, I accidentally dosed him with LSD. That was almost 30 years ago. It’s funny how things turned around.

He no longer plays with Tool. I actually had to get some dental work done and my dentist informed me, he said, ‘You’re not the first rockstar that I’ve had in my office…’

I’m sure it’s not legal under HIPPA laws, but he told me Paul D’Amour comes here too. At the same time, Tony Campos – who was playing bass for us – he decided to resurrect Static-X and go on the road with them.

So, through my dentist, I got Paul D’Amour. This was 30 years after I dosed him with LSD. So yeah, somehow for Ministry, it all makes sense. Life is a strange thing.”

Further in the conversation, Al Jourgensen also shared his opinion on whether musicians should express their thoughts about politics. The musician said that he finds it hypocritical how the right-wing comes down on celebrities expressing their views.