Official photographer of Guns N’ Roses, Katarina Benzova has shared an unseen photo of AC/DC members with Axl Rose on her Instagram page.

She posted the photo with this caption:


Throwback to one of the best and most memorable tours I ever did! When Axl Rose joined AC/DC on their #RockOrBust tour! This was shot before their show in Prague in 2016″

A fan responded:

“When I heard Axl would take the mic 🎙 for AcDc I thought of all the times I heard Axl sing AcDc and rock the shit out of the songs!”

Another fan wrote:

“PLEASE do it again, Axl and Beta! I was SO excited! Then I had 4 heart procedures over 5 months. Time for me to play some. Not a lot to do in Kansas. Love you all lots!”

Check out the photo below.