During the recent interview with Guns N’ Roses Central podcast, former GN’R sound engineer Dave Dominguez has revealed an untold story of Axl Rose’s Elvis Presley cover.

Here’s the statement:

“He had a version of the Elvis Presley song that he did all himself- guitar and everything. It was a ballad. Yeah, it was an industrial, Nine Inch Nails style he did all himself.

So he took me into the Pro Tools room and was like, ‘Hey Dave, check this out.’ And played me a bunch of stuff.”

Click here to source of the statement. (Alternative Nation)

Interviewer asked ‘What exactly is the role of an engineer on latest GN’R album?’, Dave responded:

The role is to get tones and record the sound and to lay down the bands’ instruments.

The producer will come in and make arrangement ideas and it could be – they could carve out the tones together, this is what the engineers job is to sit there and mic it, make sure it’s not distorted, make sure it’s clear, it’s all on the technical side, as opposed to the producer which is on the artistic side.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.