During the recent episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker was interviewed by Joe Rogan.

Rogan has revealed an untold story about why David Lee Roth worked as an EMT in New York. Alternative Nation transcribed the conversation as follows:

“Rogan: You know, David Lee Roth moved there [to Tokyo, Japan] for a while.

Barker: Yeah?

Rogan: He moved there to take sword fighting classes.

Barker: Fuck yeah!

Rogan: Moved there with his dog, got an apartment, have you ever talked to him?

Barker: No.

Rogan: He is one of the trippiest fucking guys. I just got a message really recently that he wanted to talk to me, and so they gave me a phone number for him. I sent him a text message and didn’t hear back. I might have to call him. I don’t know, I don’t want to miss out.

So Dave, if you’re listening I tried twice, but he said he wanted to get a hold of me for something. They gave me a number to get a hold of him but he’s one of the most interesting people I’ve ever talked to in all of my life. Roth worked as an EMT for a while when he just gotten out of Van Halen.

Barker: Really?

Rogan: Yes. Like an actual EMT helping people in New York. People would be like:

“Are you fucking David Lee Roth?!”

Rogan: And Roth would go:

“Yeah, yeah, we are getting you in the ambulance.”

Rogan: He would keep it together as they were strapping people to a gurney and people were having accidents and shit. Imagine getting into an accident and David Lee Roth is there to help you?! Like what?! You would have to be thinking:

“I must be dead! This isn’t real life”

Rogan: Could you imagine? Fucking David Lee Roth going:

“You’re going to be fine, buddy!”

Barker: That’s legendary

Rogan: Yeah, he’s a trip.

Barker: That would be a great interview.

Rogan: Moved to Japan with his dog, just hung out there. I asked what he was doing there and he said:

“I’m taking kendo and sword fighting lessons from a Japanese master.”

Rogan: So everyday he would be taking kendo. Roth is the real deal, man. A real eccentric but a really friendly, really interesting guy.”

Click here to source of the statement (Alternative Nation).